There are over 60 walking guides for the area.  These are available from local visitor centres, walking shops and other local outlets.

We have teamed up with Todmorden Information Centre who are hosting an online shop for us with all the publications for sale on line for the first time. The shop is organised under leaflets and walking guides. Alternatively there is an A-Z  of leaflets and guides below.

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Quick link to walking guides and maps

Each publication has a brief description of the contents.

When you have added what you want to purchase into the basket, postage will be added based on weight. The locally produced walking leaflets and booklets are all under £2 so because of a minimum postal charge it will be much more economic for you if you make a minimum purchase of 3 or 4 of them.

A guide to the walking guides for sale

E-trails combine a booklet with a map, walking directions and highlights. You can download an app on to your phone or tablet and then, for each e-Trail, you can download early images and a spoken description of of the highlights on the trail. The routes lengths vary from easy to strenuous. Produced by Pennine Heritage.

Walks around the villages are a leaflet with three walks centred on a village. The walks are of different lengths and over different terrains. Each leaflet has a map, walk directions and some background to the area. Produced by Friends of Calderdale Countryside.

Walkers are Welcome leaflets contain 3-4 walks with good directions, a map and some highlights to watch out for. Most walks are moderate to strenuous. Produced by local Walkers are Welcome groups

Bus walks make it easy to do linear walks without the problem of getting back to a car. They also give you easy access to the tops without the climb up. They usually suggest getting the bus to the start and then walking back to where you started or a train station or a bus stop to get back to the start. Each booklet contains 6 varied walks (with a link to 6 more on the internet) with good directions, a map, some highlights to watch out for and information about buses. Produced by local Walkers are Welcome groups.

Walking books there are several commercially produced walking guides, each containing varied walks across the South Pennines including some in the Heart of the Pennines.

Maps The OS map for our area is OL21 and there are four 1:1600 Yellow walk maps for the area.

One of our publication racks at Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre

The online shop is now open, with all the publications
listed by location –

  • Todmorden area,
  • Hebden Bridge area,
  • Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale,
  • Luddenden and Midgley,
  • Publications just outside the area
  • Publications that cover the whole area

This is one of our publication racks at
Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre provided by
Friends of Calderdale Countryside


A to Z guide to publications

3 walks from Hebden Bridge                HB Walkers Action                     £1.00
3 new walks from Hebden Bridge        HB Walkers Action                    (April 2017)
3 walks from Mytholmroyd                 Mytholmroyd W Action             £0.75
3 walks Mytholmroyd -Stoodley         Mytholmroyd W Action             £1.00
906 bus walks                                      HB Walkers Action                     £1.50
901 bus walks                                       HB Walkers Action                      £1.50
As Seen on Packhorse Tracks              Titus Thornber                           £15.00
Blackshaw PackhorseE-Trail 7            Pennine Heritage                       £1.50
Blackshaw Village walks                      Friends of Countryside               £1.00
Calderdale walking country                 Paul Hannon                               £2,99
Calderdale Way guide                           Paul Hannon                               £3.99
Calderdale Way guide                           Calderdale Way Ass.                    £4.95
Charlestown & Jumble Hole E-Trail 1 Pennine Heritage                        £1.50
Children’s walks                                  Mytholmroyd W Action               £1.00
Colden Clough & Eaves wood              Christopher Goddard                    £0.75
Colden Valley Wild Rose E-Trail         Pennine Heritage                         £1.50
Co-ops & Visions E-Trail 11                Pennine Heritage                          £1.50
Cornholme Hills & Mills E-Trail 12    Pennine Heritage                          £1.50
Crag stories Wild Rose E-Trail           Pennine Heritage                          £1.50
Cragg Vale Village walks                     Friends of Countryside                 £1.00
Cragg Vale E-Trail 3                            Pennine Heritage                          £1.50
Crimsworth Dean & Lumb Falls         Christopher Goddard                     £0.75
Hardcastle Crags from Midgehole     Christopher Goddard                     £0.75
Haworth to Hebden Bridge                 HB Walkers Action                        £1.50
Heart of the Pennine Way                   Sky publications                           £9.99
Hebden Bridge centre E-Trail            Pennine Heritage                          £1.50
Hebden Bridge town centre trail        Pennine Heritage                          £2.00
Hebden Bridge Village walks              Friends of Countryside                  £1.00
Heptonstall E-Trail 6                         Pennine Heritage                           £1.50
Heptonstall town trail                        Pennine Heritage                           £2.95
Here & there Hebden Bridge
map 1:1600                                          Yellow walk maps                           £3.99
Jerusalem Farm Village walks            Friends of Countryside                   £1.00
Jumble Hole & Rawtenstall Wood      Christopher Goddard                       £0.75
Loop the Loop (on Pennine Way) Hebden Bridge Walkers Action     £1.00

Luddenden & Midgley E-Trail 13       Pennine Heritage                            £1.50
Midgley Village walks                         Friends of Countryside                    £1.00
Mytholmroyd Village walks                Friends of Countryside                    £1.00
Power in landscape e-Trail                Pennine Heritage                              £1.50
Riots & Protests (Tod) E-trail 10        Pennine Heritage                             £1.50
Ripponden Village walks                     Friends of Countryside                    £1.00
Round & About Hebden Bridge
map 1:1600                                           Yellow walk maps                             £3.99
Round & About Luddenden & Midgley
map 1:1600                                            Yellow walk maps                             £3.99
Round and About Todmorden
map 1:1600                                             Yellow walk maps                             £3.99
Sam Hill (Ripponden) E-Trail 4            Pennine Heritage                             £1.50
Short Scenic walks in the Valley            Paul Hannon                                    £3.99
South Pennines Pathfinder Guide         Neil Coates                                        £12.99
South Pennine Walks                             Jack Keighley                                    £2.99
Sowerby Village walks                           Friends of Countryside                     £1.00
Todmorden Blue Plaque trail                 Todwalkers                                       £0.50
Todmorden bus walks                            Todwalkers                                       £1.50
Todmorden  centre & Fieldens
E-trail 8                                                  Pennine Heritage                             £1.50
Todmorden Centenary Way                   Todmorden Town Council              £0.50
Todmorden Tops & Fielden
E-Trail 9                                                 Pennine Heritage                             £1.50
Todmorden Village walks                      Friends of Countryside                     £1.00
Walk! The South Pennines                    Clarke Rogerson                                £7.99
Walks around Calderdale                       Dorian Speakman                             £2.99
Walks around Hebden Bridge                Colin Speakman                               £2.99
Walsden Village walks                            Friends of Countryside                    £1.00
West Yorkshire Moors                            Christopher Goddard                        £12.99
West Yorkshire Woods                            Christopher Goddard                       £18.99
Woodland Heritage (Hebden Bridge)
E-Trail 5                                                  Pennine Heritage                              £1.50